Legislation to end military base housing crisis proposed in Congress


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Congress has heard horror stories about mold, rat infestations and other problems with military housing.

Lawmakers said they want no more excuses and are proposing legislative solutions to poor military housing conditions. Senator Mark Warner is one of a number of Senators pushing legislation to end the military base housing crisis.

“It’s just wrong that we have too many of our military families living in housing that is not adequate” said Sen. Mark Warner, (D) Virginia.

Senator Warner said military families deserve better. He is co-sponsor of the “Ensuring Safe Housing for Military Families Act” that he says would increase accountability and speed up the repair process.

“In 2019 you shouldn’t have to wait for hours on end for a workman to come fix your facility,” he said.

Military leaders admit they are partly to blame for the issue getting out of hand by failing to keep track of private housing contractors.

“We must and will do better” said Robert H. Mcmahon, Department of Defense Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment.

Mcmahon said DoD has a plan of attack which includes providing legal protections to military families. 

“Determining the feasibility of developing a common tenant lease. Clarifying processes for residents to raise health concerns” said McMahon.

Warner said his bill would require DoD to create an electronic system to help make sure contractors are fixing problems and not wasting time or federal tax dollars 

Military leaders and lawmakers said they’re on a joint mission to ensure military families have safe, quality housing. 

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