Change over to freezing rain, some snow afterwards


*A winter weather advisory is in effect for all of northeast Kansas through 6 am on Wednesday.*

The last of the freezing rain will continue to transition over to snow as the evening continues.

In terms of ice accretions, it won’t be enough to bring down tree limbs or result in power line failures. However, it will be enough to glaze over surfaces, like cars, sidewalks, and roadways. As temperatures fall below freezing, a flash freeze is possible as any wet surfaces from the early drizzle could quickly freeze over entirely.

Eventually, the subfreezing air will catch up with the moisture, changing things over to just snow. A quick burst of 1 to 3″ of snow will possible for some northwestern areas due to a band of snow crossing over from Nebraska. Elsewhere, a dusting to 2 inches will be fair game across the rest of northeast Kansas.

Snow showers will continue to break apart this evening after 7-8 pm, with most spots completely dry by daybreak on Wednesday. The only exception would be for a few lingering flurries, but no additional accumulation will amount out of that.

Even as the precipitation wraps up, temperatures will continue to stay well below freezing throughout the night with lows in the upper teens and lower 20s. Those subfreezing temperatures will not help melt away any slick or snowy roadways. Slick spots will continue to be a concern tonight into Wednesday.

Some better melting will occur on Wednesday as more sunshine emerges, but it will still be on the chilly side. Afternoon highs only get back into the low to mid 30s for most, with some upper 30s possible further west.

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