A bit of a tricky forecast takes shape today with the timing of the system. As of right now the cold front is set to move through right around lunchtime. That will lead to a wide variety of high temperatures across the viewing area.

Here’s a look at what temperatures will look like around 11:00 AM:

As temperatures drop on Tuesday, there could be a slim chance at some wintry precipitation across the area. Little to no accumulations are likely with this quick burst of rain/snow. If you live north of I-70, you’ll have the best chance at seeing this. However, with the colder and drier air moving in rapidly today, that should dry up precipitation chances very quickly, too.

Wind and cold temperatures, however, will start to be a bigger concern – especially if you’re heading out to the Emporia parade this evening. Wind chills could be in the upper 10s by that point so be sure to add as many layers as possible!

As for Wednesday, you can expect highs to only be in the middle 30s with sunshine all around. Wind chills will be the biggest issue as we’ll be feeling like we’re in the teens and 20s much of the day.