TOPEKA (KSNT) – Hopefully you were able to stay nice and warm Saturday. For some workers, that isn’t an option.

Even though Saturday’s snow event was typical, it still created challenges for drivers. Thankfully for this round, ice wasn’t a major problem on the roads.

Glory Days Pizza Assistant Manager Melody Reynolds says when this type of weather hits, they typically see more delivery orders. On the day following snowfall, it’s important to keep in mind how the winter weather condition could impact your delivery driver.

“Sometimes the times will be different. If you’re quoted a certain time for a delivery anything could happen – you could hit something you could spin out you could do anything,” Reynolds said. “You could have a wreck not even of your fault. We just try to ask for more leniency when dangerous road conditions are out.”

Reynolds said they haven’t had any problems with the last couple weeks of snow. She said if the road conditions were to become a problem, they would shut down delivery for that day. When the roads become that dangerous, it isn’t worth the risk.