Topeka (KSNT) – We are now several days into November and there are whispers of a few snowflakes in the forecast.

A strong storm system is on the way and is expected to develop over northeast Kansas as we wrap up the work week. This system is bringing strong winds to the area and mostly cloudy skies as our atmosphere respond to the unsettling change in conditions.

As temperatures turn colder there’s a chance for northeast Kansas to see it’s first few snowflakes of the season on Saturday. This would be the earliest snow that the area has seen in over two years.

Both 2020 and 2021 didn’t see snowfall until January with both happening on New Year’s Day. October 9th, 1970 is the earliest snowfall that Topeka has seen on record. The last time we had October snow was in 2019; the average first snowfall for Topeka is November 27th which would put us slightly ahead of schedule.

The last time we saw snow in Topeka was April 8th of this year as the snow season was wrapping up. The record latest snowfall was May 3rd of 1907.

Although a few flakes look possible this weekend measurable snowfall does not seem likely. For a more detailed look at the forecast be sure to click here.