Showers and storms continue for our southern counties this morning, and that activity begins to spread northward through the afternoon, lingering into Thursday. Widespread rain is expected for the entire region today, but southern areas have already picked up several inches of rain leading to flooding concerns. Remember, if you come across standing water on the roadway, do not drive through it.

Temperatures stay pretty steady through the next few days with clouds and showers around. Highs are expected in the lower 70s with overnight lows in the mid 60s. Breezy south winds continue through this time too, with wind gusts around 20-30 mph.

We may catch a break in the rain on Friday before showers start moving in again for Saturday and Sunday. Also, a strong cold front will slide through, giving us a very chilly rain over the weekend. Temperatures drop into the 30s Saturday night and into Sunday morning, so we’ll have to monitor precipitation chances closely as a wintry mix may be possible.

Even though it’s several days away, it’s looking like a pretty good bet that Halloween will be on the colder side this year. Make sure trick-or-treaters have lots of layers in their costumes! Highs on Tuesday will likely be in the mid 40s with evening temperatures dipping into the 30s.