TOPEKA (KSNT) – Tuesday night would be a good time to make sure your home is protected from wildfires.

Firefighters across the state are preparing for the perfect storm of wildfire conditions tomorrow. The National Weather Service put Kansas under a red flag warning starting Wednesday. It will be in effect from noon till 9 p.m.

A red flag warning is set when conditions of extreme fire danger are high. Wednesday, the humidity will be low when winds will be high. Additionally, everything will be dry as well. The Topeka Fire Department says these conditions could become dangerous.

“If any fires were to develop, they would become extremely hazardous quick,” TFD Education Officer Alan Stahl said. “Now is the time to prepare, we’re asking people to have a ten foot zone around your house that is free of flammable debris. That’s leaves, sticks, overgrown bushes, things like that. Now is the time to prepare so if an event were to happen tomorrow that were to threaten your home, the conditions directly around that house wouldn’t make it worse.” 

Topeka Fire also recommends checking up on previously lit fires around your home Tuesday night. Even if it’s been out for a couple of days, there’s still a chance hot embers could reignite.