TOPEKA (KSNT) – The numbers have recently been calculated and it turns out that Topeka, Kansas experienced its 13th warmest year ever. Records date back all the way back to 1887, spanning more than 134 years of data.

January started out rather warm but an arctic blast of cold air would soon turn that around. Temperatures from the 7th through the 16th never warmed above 15 degrees, and that 10 day stretch marked the coldest on record. The low temperature on February 16th was negative 21 degrees Fahrenheit – this ties the seventh coldest temperature ever recorded in Topeka. Wind chills were also over 30 degrees below zero adding to the fun.

The cold would quickly move out and just seven days later Topeka would see temperatures over 70 degrees. This would turn out to be the biggest one week temperature swing on record at 92 degrees.

In April, we saw our 2nd latest measurable snowfall with 3.1 inches on the 20th. As the summer approached things definitely started to heat up again. June 18th was an interesting day because the overnight low only dropped down to 81 degrees which would set a new record for warmest low the day. The four day stretch from July 27th through July 30th gave us heat index values ranging from 109 to 112 degrees.

After a quiet fall warmth was fully back in place. December came in as the 2nd warmest ever with three record highs being broken within the 31 days. The three records were the only high temperatures to be broken the entire year.

Overall 2021 had 41 days with thunderstorms, 103 days with some amount of rain, 21 days of snowfall and 163 days had fog. Temperatures ranged from 101 degrees on June 17th to negative 21 on February 16th.