THE NUMBERS ARE IN: December 2021 was the second warmest ever recorded


TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s fair to say that December 2021 was anything but average; it turns out that several different records were broken as northeast Kansas turned up the heat for the final month of the year.

According to recent data, December of last year was the second warmest on record for Topeka. The average temperature for the month was 43.1° Fahrenheit. In first place was December of 1889 at 45.3° Fahrenheit. We came within just a couple of degrees of breaking the 132-year-old all-time record.

*So here comes some math for those who are curious*

That average temperature (43.1°) takes into consideration both the average high (56.5°) and the average low (29.7°):

(56.5° + 29.7°) / 2 = 43.1°

If we were just to look at the average high itself (56.5°) – it turns out that we were 12.7° degrees warmer than usual for the month of December.

Topeka just barely saw one-tenth of an inch of precipitation for the month. Normally we can expect almost a full inch and a half of precipitation. This also means that December 2021 was the 8th driest on record.

With these record-breaking averages, it only makes sense that we saw several daily temperature records broken as well.

Three temperature records were broken for the month of December:

  • December 2nd – high of 72°
  • December 15th – high of 76°
  • December 24th – High of 74°

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