TOPEKA (KSNT) – Northeast Kansas is preparing for yet another record breaking day of warmth this year. This time on Christmas Eve.

Over the last several months temperatures have been well above average for this time of year leading to records being broken left and right – all of them for record heat.

Typically, the average high for Topeka on the 24th of December is 42 degrees. This time around we’ll be nearly 30 degrees above average as we take on the 132-year-old-record. Both Concordia and Topeka saw 68 degrees back in 1889 on Christmas Eve – which is where the current record stands.

Temperatures this Christmas Eve are expected to soar into the upper 60s and lower 70s ahead of a cold front. Areas south of the I-70 corridor will have a better chance at seeing those 70s while areas just a bit further north can expect middle to upper 60s.

One thing that has been glaringly missing so far this year is the snow; and it looks like this year we’ll be left without a white Christmas as well. Rain chances are in the forecast but anything that falls will be much too warm for snow.

Climatologically speaking, Topeka usually sees about a 21% chance of a white Christmas. Looks like the odds just weren’t in Old Man Winters favor this time around.