Tow truck company offers advice for dealing with snowy roads


TOPEKA (KSNT) – While snow is fun for some, for others the weather makes travel much more of a headache.

Tow trucks are out and about, running around the clock to help those stuck due to the snow.

The manager of Elite Towing told KSNT she sees a 40% increase in calls when it’s snowy outside.

Not only does snow make the roads more difficult to travel on, it also is harder on equipment. Chains can get frozen and batteries need to be jump started because of the weather.

Because of that, the time it takes to respond to an incident can be longer for tow truck companies.

“Be prepared in your vehicle with warm clothes – but also get your battery checked. New cars have lots of computers, batteries don’t last as long as they normally do. If you can do some preventative maintenance there you’re probably not going to have to call us,” Owner of Elite Towing Jenny Manis said.

Manis also suggests taking it slow when you’re on the road, and make sure when you start your car to warm it up you don’t lock your keys inside.  

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