“Turn around, don’t drown”: Officials warning to drivers after flash flooding


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – People are cleaning up after flooding has taken over many parts of the area.

Streets were flooded around Southwest Fairlawn Road and Southwest Shunga Drive, with cars nearly halfway submerged under the flooding.

Over at West Ridge Mall, the entrances driving in were completely flooded; some cars actually got stuck when they tried to drive through all of the water.

Topeka Police Officer Kurtis Vandonge said that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do in those types of conditions.

“If you see a roadway like this, it’s best to turn around. We do have a lot of stalled out vehicles around town from folks assuming that it’s not very deep and trying to drive through it so it’s best to just play it safe and turn around and find a different route,” Vandonge said.

And also with heavy rain, comes potentially dangerous flooding.

That’s why Eerrin Mahan with Shawnee County’s Emergency Management urged the community to be careful.

Mahan said yesterday’s flash floods produced over two inches in just an hour.

“Please, please do not drive through flooded water. Turn around, don’t drown. There can be obstructions under the water that you’re not aware of that you could potentially hit with your vehicle and get stuck in the water,” Mahan said. “And if there’s any disruption of the pavement or washing out of the pavement, you could become stuck.”

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