Why arachnids invade homes during heatwaves and how to stop them


TOPEKA (KSNT) – With the heatwave continuing across the state, you might find your home is hosting more guests than usual. 

You may be seeing more spiders than usual as the temperature increases. Spiders are cold-blooded animals, meaning warmer temperatures allow them to develop quicker. 

The end of summer is typically when spiders are at their most populated. Just like us, these eight-legged friends are searching for shade. 

The most effective way to prevent them from getting into your home is a technique called pest exclusion. 

“Seal up cracks, various small holes that you can, door sweeps,” said Ozark Integrated Pest Services Owner Guy Cumpton. “Make sure your window screens are tight. Those types of things. The main thing is just trying to keep them out.” 

In addition to exclusion, taking a broom outside occasionally to knock down their webs can also help. If they don’t have webs, they can’t feed.

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